Meet & greet

We will welcome you at the airport arrival gate by holding your name card. After warm greetings, we will help you with your luggage and take you to your chosen hotel as well as help you check-in. The guests who arrive to Ljubljana by bus or train will be welcomed at the bus/train station and escorted to their chosen hotel.



After accommodation in your hotel room, we will go over your travel plan and make changes according to your wishes and preferences if necessary. Then we will take you on a walking tour around Ljubljana and to the Ljubljana castle. After the tour we will escort you to a lovely restaurant in the charming old part of town, where you will end your day with a delicious lunch/dinner (depending on your wishes and time of arrival to Ljubljana).


On the second day we have two options:

  –  either we will have a trip to Bled, where you will have the entire day to enjoy this

       beautiful  Slovenian Alpine pear

  –   or we can combine  your visit of Bled with trip to Postojna Cave & Predjama

       Castle. Thus, in one day you will visit both of Slovenia’s greatest tourist


DAY 3 & DAY 4

For the 3rd and 4th day of your travel you will choose a daily trips from the attached list. The advantage of this way of creating your travel is that you choose your own daily trips and we make sure that you fully enjoy them.


The good side of this is also that the order of daily trips can be adjusted or changed according to the weather conditions or other unpredictable situations.


5th day is the day of departure.

If you are leaving Ljubljana in the late afternoon or evening, you can enjoy a half-day trip to Postojna Cave. For this option please click below.

We guarantee a helping hand with your luggage and arrange your transport to the airport.



You will return home with magnificent photographs and filled with wonderful impressions and unforgettable experiences. You will enthusiastically tell your family and friends all about your amazing travel around Slovenia, what you had seen, felt, experienced and tasted.

And yes, you can do it again. Even though Slovenia is a small country, five days are not nearly enough to see and experience every beautiful part of Slovenia in all its glory. Nevertheless, there is always next time. However, you may be asking yourself “Where would I go next time? Which part of Slovenia is also worth visiting?” The answer is that Slovenia is so beautiful and versatile that it is certainly worth coming back and visiting every single corner of this charming country. And when you do come back, we are here for you, MYTRAVEL will arrange another unforgettable travel for you, again. Welcome to Slovenia!

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