Istria, a synonymous with the Mediterranean climate, wine, olives, prosciutto and truffles and … simply you have to  SEE  &  FEEL  &  TASTE  the treasures of this beautiful and magical land … carpe diem in Istria.

Trip Details

Istria is a beauty that will completely overwhelm you with its appearance: a landscape covered with pine forests and meadows, hills with vineyards and picturesque fields with olive trees, small ancient settlements, towns built in the Venetian style, and everywhere characterized by the scent of rosemary and lavender. Here people have a special passion for good food and wine, of course of local origin.


  • we will start the trip with a late breakfast as we will make our first stop at a local producer of different types of cheese. Cheese with truffles – sounds great!
  • then we will walk through the fields of lavender, rosemary, immortelle, …, where the smell of these herbs will completely overwhelm you
  • a short stop and a walk through one of the typical, small, Istrian town will convince you even more of the magic of Istria
  • we will end the trip with a feast with typical tastes of Istria: cold cut with Istrian prosciuttofritaja (many times prepared throughout the year with eggs and aromatic spicies, ham, mushrooms, sausages, bacon, white or red wine, …. the quantity of ingredients is never exactly define) and of course with excellent and indispensable wines such as Malvasia and Teran

Did we convice you?!




  • private english-speaking licenced guide
  • private comfortable car/van
  • pick-up/drop-off at your accommodation (hotel, villa, …)
  • visiting local producers and tasting delicacies of Istria (2 x meal with local food & wine)
  • trip duration from 10 to 5 p.m.


  • 2 pax:           150 EUR/pax
  • 3 pax:           130 EUR/pax
  • 4 pax:           120 EUR/pax
  • 5 – 6 pax:    110 EUR/pax
  • 7 – 8 pax:    100 EUR/pax
  • children up to 3 years: FREE
  • children from 3 to 12 years: 70% of the price


Echo of our guests

The Capital City
The Slovenian Icon with it’s world famous Lake and Castle
Piran & Slovenian Istria
Slovenia’s scenic coast with seaside town Piran & Slovenian Istria
Postojna Cave
One of the biggest tourist attractions in Slovenia and world famous
Logar Valley and Jezersko
lovenia takes great pride in the picturesque, intact beauty of the Alps and the Alpine world

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