Two world-renowned wine-growing areas, where unique nature produces unique premium wines


Trip Details

First we will visit Karst, which has been shaped by rocks and water for millions of years. We will drive through idyllic stone villages and admire the magical landscape. Fascinating village Štanjel, also known as the pearl of Karst, will immediately amaze you with its medieval architectural design. The houses there are built closely together and follow a terraced line towards the top of the hill. You will hardly wait to get lost among the narrow paved streets and discover the typical architectural elements of local artists.


Karst is also known as the land of  Teran, a unique red wine, and is the home of a delicious karst delicacyprosciutto. Therefore your lunch in the Karst will be a rich culinary experience with prosciutto, Teran and plenty of great local food.


Our next destination will be the Goriska Brda region. You will be surprised by the picturesque hilly landscape covered with vineyards and orchards. We will also ascend the viewing tower that offers a magical 360° view of the region.


Due to hard-working winemakers, the wines from the Goriska Brda are becoming well-known on the international wine markets and receive high ratings and numerous awards in international evaluations (Decanter wine magazine). In addition to tasting excellent local delicacies, you will also have a winetasting of some great wines from this region, as we will visit one of the renowned winemaker.


We will return to Ljubljana in the late afternoon.


Echo of our guests

The Capital City
The Slovenian Icon with it’s world famous Lake and Castle
Piran & Slovenian Istria
Slovenia’s scenic coast with seaside town Piran & Slovenian Istria
Postojna Cave
One of the biggest tourist attractions in Slovenia and world famous
Logar Valley and Jezersko
lovenia takes great pride in the picturesque, intact beauty of the Alps and the Alpine world

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