The green capital of Slovenia, rich with historical heritage and with excellent Slovenian gastronomy


Trip Details

We will walk through the cozy downtown which is closed to motor traffic. Therefore you will enjoy the picturesque streets of Ljubljana with full of historic buildings and cultural inheritance. You will rarely find a city that was so influenced by a single architect, just as Ljubljana was influenced by architect Jože Plečnik. When visiting the city, you will also have the opportunity to take a closer look at some of his masterpieces.


You will cross the Ljubljanica River over the iconic Triple Bridge or over the Dragon Bridge and at the same time discover the secret of their names. Bank of the rivers are full of small pubs and restaurants which will tempt you to stop at one of them and simply enjoy the cozy bustle of the city.


A visit to the Ljubljana Castle with a funicular and a view from the castle to the near and far surroundings will absolutely impress you.


After the tour we will escort you to a lovely restaurant in the charming old part of town, where you will end your day with a delicious lunch/dinner (depending on the time of your arrival in Ljubljana).


The tour of Ljubljana takes about 1.5 hours.


Echo of our guests

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The Slovenian Icon with it’s world famous Lake and Castle
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