Slovenia takes great pride in the picturesque, intact beauty of the Alps and the Alpine world


Trip Details

This trip will lead us in the northern part of the country, deep into the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, where we will even cross the border with Austria. The underlying themes of this trip are the magnificent mountain summit views and idyllic valleys.


We will visit the Logar Valley (Logarska dolina), one of the most beautiful Alpine glacial valleys in Europe. Entering in the valley alone will leave you speechless while your gaze wanders over the beautiful meadows and the steep cliffs of the Alpsmountains. The 7 km (4,3 mi) long winding path will take us to one of the most beautiful sights in the valley – the Rinka waterfall. It cascades down the wide rocky walls and will fascinate you with its height of 105 m (344 ft). We will climb the Eagle Nest from where you will have a clear, magnificent view of the surrounding peaks and the highest waterfall in Logar valley.


After delicious lunch full of homemade culinary delights, we will set out to the other side of the mountains. Across the 1.399 m (4.590 ft) high Pavlic saddle, we will descend into neighbouring Austria and return to Slovenia by crossing another mountain pass, the 1.218 m (3.996 ft) high Jezersko pass. The incredible views of the mighty mountains will simply amaze you.


The descent from the pass will also give you a magnificent view of the Upper Jezersko (Zgornje Jezersko), a beautiful and intact nature with the idyllic image of meadows with cows and sheep. In a cosyand calm environment, at an altitude of 889 m (2.917 ft), you will enjoy the fresh mountain air which will certainly encourage your appetite for a real traditional local food.


We will return to Ljubljana in the late afternoon.


Echo of our guests

The Capital City
The Slovenian Icon with it’s world famous Lake and Castle
Piran & Slovenian Istria
Slovenia’s scenic coast with seaside town Piran & Slovenian Istria
Postojna Cave
One of the biggest tourist attractions in Slovenia and world famous
Logar Valley and Jezersko
lovenia takes great pride in the picturesque, intact beauty of the Alps and the Alpine world

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