Slovenia’s scenic coast with seaside town Piran  &  Slovenian Istria, charmnig  land where tourists rarely set foot


Trip Details

On this trip, we will descend to Slovenia’s scenic coast, with its charming seaside towns. We will explore the inland area of Slovenian Istria, which is a hiding place for several cultural treasures and taste the delightful culinary of Istria, named also as the land of Refosk wine, olive trees and spectacular seaside views.


First we will visit an old seaside town Piran, the pearl of the Slovenian coast, which has graced the covers of several prominent magazines, including the Lonely Planet. It will charm you with its exquisite architecture, which was heavily influenced by the Venetian republic in particular.

We will take a walk through the narrow streets of the old town, past the tightly compressed houses that rise in tiers towards the St. George’s Parish Church, in order to enjoy a remarkable view of all three countries; Slovenia, Italy and Croatia. On a clear day, you can capture the view of both, the sea and the mountains.


The pleasant Mediterranean breeze will caress you during lunch while tasting the incredible flavours of the Mediterranean food and the delights of the Slovenian sea. But don’tworry, even if you are not impressed by the seafood, you will be taken care of as well.


After lunch we will venture into the inland, into the heart of Slovenian Istria (wine country), where tourists rarely set foot. We will drive through lovely, typical Istria villages, admire their cultural heritage and during stops taste the delights of the land of olives and Refosk wine (wine&food tasting is included).


We will return to Ljubljana in the late afternoon.


Echo of our guests

The Capital City
The Slovenian Icon with it’s world famous Lake and Castle
Piran & Slovenian Istria
Slovenia’s scenic coast with seaside town Piran & Slovenian Istria
Postojna Cave
One of the biggest tourist attractions in Slovenia and world famous
Logar Valley and Jezersko
lovenia takes great pride in the picturesque, intact beauty of the Alps and the Alpine world

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