Two major Slovenian and world famous tourist attractions, the majestic Postojna Cave and fairytale Bled



Trip Details

On the second day we have two options:

  • either we will have a trip to Bled, where you will have the entire day to enjoy this beautiful Slovenian Alpine pearl
  • or we can combine your visit of Bled with trip to Postojna Cave & Predjama Castle. Thus, in one day you will visit both of Slovenia’s greatest tourist attractions.


If you decide to choose the second option than the second day of your travel is dedicated to visit two major attractions in Slovenia.

First you will visit the underground world of Postojna Cave, which has been visited by more than 39 million visitors from all around the world since its discovery in 1818 until today. An open underground train will take you inside the cave and amaze you with its panoramic ride through the tunnels, galleries and majestic halls. Together with the cave guide you will discover wonderful stalactites, stalagmites, limestone curtains and other Karst shapes that will leave you speechless. Truly exciting and unforgettable experience!


After an hour and a half long tour, we will take a short break and continue our way to the Predjama Castle, the largest cave castle in the world. You will be pleasantly surprised by the view of the mighty and romantic castle,which is built into a 123 m (403 ft) high cliff. With an audio guide you will explore the castle’s interior, room by room, and follow the tracks of a former mystery resident, the knight Erasmus, until you eventually reach the cave. Really surprising, fantastic and unbelievable castle! No wonder that the master of martial arts, Jackie Chan, chose the castle as one of the filming locations for his film “Armour of God”.


From the fairytale castle we will then head to fairytale Bled.


Upon arrival in Bled we will first accompany you to a lovely restaurant by the lake where you will enjoy a delicious lunch with wonderful view of the sights of Bled and beautiful nature.

After lunch you will also have the opportunity to enjoy Bled from a bird’s eye perspective when you reach the oldest castle in Slovenia – Bled Castle. From the top of the castle you will have the breath-taking view of the island, lake and their surroundings. Truly as in a fairy tale!


You will spend the rest of the day according to your wishes. Several possibilities and activities will be at your disposal and we will happily help you choose the one that suits you best (see bellow).


We will return to Ljubljana in the late afternoon.


*Postojna Cave has a constant temperature of 8-10°C (46-50°F), so warm clothes are highly recommended.



Please note:

  • this trip includes entrance fees for Postojna Cave, Predjama Castle and Bled Castle, while the pletna boat ride and a visit to the church on the island are not included in the price. A visit to the Bled Island can, however, be organized at an extra cost (15 EUR/person for pletna boat ride, 6 EUR/person entrance fee to Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Maria)
  • because the days are noticeably shorter in the winter than in the summer, this trip is available only in summer season from May to October. On a special request, this excursion can be also executed in the months of April and October.


Echo of our guests

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The Slovenian Icon with it’s world famous Lake and Castle
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Slovenia’s scenic coast with seaside town Piran & Slovenian Istria
Postojna Cave
One of the biggest tourist attractions in Slovenia and world famous
Logar Valley and Jezersko
lovenia takes great pride in the picturesque, intact beauty of the Alps and the Alpine world

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