Who are we?  We are the company, where »You create Your travel with MYTRAVEL«.


We are specialized in organizing unique and private travels/trips around Slovenia and private trips in neighboring countries with a strong emphasis on your needs and wishes. Our extensive knowledge of hidden gems as well as popular tourist attractions allows us to plan the most unforgettable experience for you based on your preferences.


Our »all-inclusive« means that everything you need for a carefree travel is included in your travel plan: we take care of everything related to your accommodation in the hotel of your choice, food and drink, we arrange transportation with private car and provide you with your personal travel guide.


Our guides are not just guides, they are true professionals in the field of tourism in Slovenia and in neighboing countries (all our guides are licensed, well-trained and with years of experience). Moreover, during your travel/trip, the guide will be your guardian angel, accompanying you and watching over your wishes and needs. This way you will truly and fully see, taste, experience and enjoy your travel/trip.


Our full and undivided attention to all our guests is what differentiates us from other travel companies. Once you experience your travel/trip with MYTRAVEL, your travel expectations will never be the same.


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